128 Cell Tray: 128 Cell Bottom Plate

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  1. Match the style of Bottom Plate to the type of tray you are seeding. For example: Paper Chain Pot trays, or 72 cell trays
  2. Use the Kwik Klik Seed Chart to determine which matching top plate to choose.


  • Only one bottom plate is needed for each tray type
  • Each bottom plate will only work with the specified tray type- for example, you only need one Bottom Plate for all Paperpot tray seeding. If you wanted to also seed 72 cell trays, then you would need to add a 72 Cell Bottom Plate
  • You need at least one matching top plate to make the seeder functional

Kwik Klik™️ Bottom Plates are available for a wide variety of seed trays – 72-Cell, 128-Cell, 200-Cell, Paperpot, Winstrip, and more.

Bottom plates come in a standard thickness and standard hole diameter.

Have you already ordered a Kwik Klik™️ Drop Seeder Frame and one or more Top Plates?

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