Paper Chain Pots - 6" Spacing


  • 6 inches between each plant
  • 264 plants per paper chain
  • Great for fennel, garlic, lettuce, onions, Salanova, and storage radishes
  • Best Price Guarantee - find a better price, and we will beat it!
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I’ve used the 6” chains from paperpot for 5 years and can’t imagine farming without using them. It’s great for lettuce, brassicas, fennel, turnips, beets and onions.

Paper Chain Pots

6” In-Row Spacing

Paper Chain Pots - 6" Spacing

Paper pots are a crucial component of the Paperpot system. The 6-inch spacing paper chain pot is excellent for growing lettuce. The pots are made of unique paper and water-soluble adhesive, ensuring plant roots receive consistent air and water distribution and promote vigorous growth. With their honeycomb shape, these pots promote healthy root development and plant vitality. These pots are practical and efficient for various market gardening crops, with 264 cells per chain and 75 chains per case. Discover the many uses of these paper pots, such as flowers, shallots, onions, and green onions. 6-inch-spacing paper chain pots will dramatically reduce the time and labor required for transplanting crops like Salanova lettuce.

How To Use:

  • Select the appropriate paper chain pot according to your desired crop spacing (2”, 4”, or 6”) and insert your spreader bars under the white paper tabs on either side of the paper chain, being careful not to tear the paper. Note: It does not matter how the writing on the paper chain pot faces—either way will work.
  • With the spreader frame in front of you on your work surface, teeth facing up, pull apart the paper chain pot (like an accordion) using the spreader bars as handles. Keep pulling until the paper chain is approximately the width of the spreader frame.
  • You’ll notice an offset tooth in one of the top corners of your spreader frame. Examine the honeycomb pattern in your stretched paper chain pot and reorient it (if necessary) so that the offset corner of the honeycomb lines up with the offset tooth of the frame.
  • Start with one side and position the paper chain pot honeycomb cells over the teeth of the spreader frame. Every other row will be attached to the spreader frame. Note: If you are having trouble aligning the paper chain, it may not be stretched far enough; keeping the paper chain pot stretched the entire width of the frame will help the cells to line up correctly with the teeth.
  • After the first side is successfully inserted into the teeth of the spreader frame, finish by placing the opposite side onto the frame as well, being careful to line up the cells appropriately with the teeth of the frame.
  • After the paper chain pot has been successfully stretched and placed onto the frame, you can remove the spreader bars and set them aside.
  • Take an empty Paperpot germination tray, flip it upside down (holes up), and place it over the frame and the expanded paper chain.
  • Holding both sides of the tray AND the spreader frame, flip everything right side up.
  • Keeping the spreader frame in place, the tray can be filled with potting mix.
  • Dibble the soil to make a depression for the seed.
  • Seed all 264 cells by hand or using our Kwik Klik Drop Seeder.
  • Cover seeds and transplant after 10-30 days.

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Customer Reviews

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Katherine Harwell
Great product!

Great product!

So happy you like them! Thanks!

Mike Russo

I plant Salanova lettuce pretty much 52 weeks per year in Tennessee. It is my number 1 most profitable crop. But that’s only because I use the 6” paper chains from Modern Grower! I would not grow lettuce without it! Not only that but the website basically gives you a blueprint of how to’s, for planting most market gardening crops using the paperpot transplanter and/or jang seeder! They have always given me outstanding customer support, so there has never been a need to purchase from anywhere else. Modern grower is by far the best place to buy your paper chains!

Thank you so much for your review and the photos! We love to hear it! So happy the chainpots work so well you and that you like the online resources =)

Josh Chance
Paper Chain Pots - 6" Spacing

Quick Delivery and solid packaging

Great to hear it- thanks for your order!

Andrew Papineau

Paper Chain Pots - 6" Spacing


Very Handy