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  • Low-cost season extension - 55% cheaper than tunnels
  • Designed for extreme conditions - more durable than other systems
  • Portable - easy to move around the farm
  • Compatible with most agricultural fabrics
  • Versatile - use inside a high-tunnel for added protection or outside to protect field crops
  • Note: Heavy clay or rocky soils might require extra steps during installation
  • Get your hoops paid for! NRCS EQIP cost-share grant eligible in most states - LEARN MORE
  • Bulk discounts on orders of 8 or more 25-packs. Email us for details.

Super easy to set up and take down compared to the wire hoops and sod staples that we used previously. One person can set them up.



We offer bulk discounts on six or more 25-packs. Please email us at to get a bulk-discount quote and place an order.

All bulk orders include free cover fabric.

  • Order 6-13 packs and get two large rolls of FrostFighter for free
  • Order 14 or more packs and get a large roll of InsectaNet for free

Extend Your Season to Make More Money

Portable low tunnels make it easy for farms to protect crops from insects and the elements.

Kwik Hoops are compatible with ALL agricultural fabrics giving you the flexibility to use the system year-round in all conditions.

Grow when others can’t.

Add frost blanket or plastic onto Kwik Hoops to create mini in-the-field greenhouses. The microclimates under the hoops can help speed up crop growth in the cooler times of the year, enabling you to have a product to sell when others can’t.

**Ensure your customers get your crops and insects don’t. ** Protect your crops from insects using insect netting with Kwik Hoops.

Low Tunnels Made for Extreme Conditions

Cheaper tunnels and homemade PVC hoops will fail in high wind conditions.

Kwik Hoops have been tested in some of the windiest locations in New Zealand being exposed to +70mph winds.

Each hoop pairs with a retaining wire.

The retaining wire quickly clips onto the hoop making fabric fast and easy to secure.

Despite being made for extreme conditions, Kwik Hoops can also be used inside larger tunnels for an added layer of protection.

No sandbags, no problem.

Kwik Hoops make it easy to access your crops without lugging around heavy sandbags.

No cumbersome ropes, wraps, or knots get in the way, making it easy to harvest crops and vent the tunnels.

You can vent the tunnel by sliding the side of the film up or down the sidewalls of the low tunnel system; the retaining wire will hold the covering in place.

Kwik Hoops setup is quick and easy.

One person can set up a full low tunnel in minutes, making them the fastest low tunnel systems on the market.

Kwik Hoops are simple to install, and you can make a tunnel any length to suit your needs, from 10 feet to 100s of feet long.

The hoops should be spaced to suit your local conditions – this might be as close as 5 feet apart for a windy site or farms with loose soils. They may be spaced as much as 10 feet apart or more for more protected sites.

  1. Push each leg of the hoop into the ground down to the depth of the pre-punched hole.
  2. Angle the end hoops slightly outward – approximately 15 degrees.
  3. Place your covering over the hoops and pull it tight end-to-end. You can bury the ends of the covering or tie them off around a stake to hold taught.
  4. Install the retaining wire over the fabric, securing it by clipping it to the hoop.

A Completely Portable Tool

Unlike caterpillar tunnels which aren’t easy to move. Kwik Hoops can easily be moved around the farm as needed.

They are perfect in the field or can be used inside tunnels to add an extra layer of crop protection.

Finally, a complete system allowing you to protect crops where you need it, when you need it.

Recommended Kwik Hoop Spacing:

Generally, the windier the location, the closer the hoops need to be spaced.

In windy locations, hoops should be spaced 5 feet apart, requiring 21 hoops per 100-foot bed.

In normal conditions, hoops can be spaced as far apart as 10 feet requiring 11 hoops per 100-foot bed.

Space hoops closer in loose or sandy soils or if using a fabric (like plastic) that is impermeable to the wind.


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Customer Reviews

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Kwik Hoops Review

I would like the plastic to be slightly wider, maybe an inch or two on both sides. We are in a windy area and the edges tend to get blown in at points and decimate tender seedlings. If the plastic was wider we could throw down a sandbag on the breach. Otherwise, seems to be working well. Hoping this can really improve our spring and fall sales!

Tony B.
Easy Ordering and Quick Shipping

Can't wait to put to use the new Kwik Hoops we purchased. Modern Grower exceeded expectations on ease of ordering and speedy shipping. We always love working with them.

Thank you so much! We appreciate it! Hoping you have a great season ahead with your hoops =)

Christopher Adams
Kwik Hoops are Fantastic!

Love the Kwik Hoops and the versatility they have on our farm. Easy to set up, use and swap out fabrics for different uses.

Glad you find them easy to use and find them so versitile! Thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

Bay Nguyen

Good material

Happy you like it! Thanks for ordering =)

Scott Harris
Kwik and Effective!

I installed my new Kwik Hoops on 4 100’ beds alone and was impressed with how easy it was. They are sturdy and held up to high winds the other day. And easy to get under to harvest. Awesome product!!!

Fantastic to hear! Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for your order!