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  • The spreader frame is designed to hold the paper chain pots open so you can fill them with soil and seed them.
The spreader frame is a required component of the paper pot system.  You can't use the paper chain pots without it.


Spreader Frame for the Paperpot Transplanter System

The Spreader Frame is a required piece of equipment for the Paperpot Transplanter System. This frame, made to hold Paper Pot Chains, enables you to fill the paper chain pots with soil and seed them. Having multiple spreader frames to batch seed multiple trays simultaneously can increase nursery efficiency. Remember to check out Spreader Bars, available separately, as they are another required component of the paperpot system.

What’s Included: Spreader Frame (1)

The Modern Grower Spreader Frame is made of rigid metal and is more robust and less bendable than other versions. It has seven teeth on each side designed to slide into the side tabs of a paper chain. The spreader frame fits perfectly into a Paperpot Germination Tray.

How To Use:

• Select the appropriate paper chain pot according to your desired crop spacing (2”, 4”, or 6”) and insert your spreader bars under the white paper tabs on either side of the paper chain, being careful not to tear the paper. Note: It does not matter how the writing on the paper chain pot faces—either way will work.

• With the spreader frame in front of you on your work surface, teeth facing up, pull apart the paper chain pot (like an accordion) using the spreader bars as handles. Keep pulling until the paper chain is approximately the width of the spreader frame.

• You’ll notice an offset tooth in one of the top corners of your spreader frame. Examine the honeycomb pattern in your stretched paper chain pot and reorient it (if necessary) so that the offset corner of the honeycomb lines up with the offset tooth of the frame.

• Start with one side and position the paper chain pot honeycomb cells over the teeth of the spreader frame. Every other row will be attached to the spreader frame. Note: If you are having trouble aligning the paper chain, it may not be stretched far enough; keeping the paper chain pot stretched the entire width of the frame will help the cells to line up correctly with the teeth.

• After the first side is successfully inserted into the teeth of the spreader frame, finish by placing the opposite side onto the frame as well, being careful to line up the cells appropriately with the teeth of the frame.

• After the paper chain pot has been successfully stretched and placed onto the frame, you can remove the spreader bars and set them aside.

• Take an empty Paperpot germination tray, flip it upside down (holes up), and place it over the frame and the expanded paper chain.

• Holding both sides of the tray AND the spreader frame, flip everything right side up.

• Keeping the spreader frame in place, the tray can be filled with potting mix.

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Alison Frane
Works as advertised, very sturdy!

A bit expensive for me, since I'm just a backyard grower, but it's certainly industrial quality!

Glad you like the quality and we hope you enjoy a great 2024 season with it, and many more!