1020 Microgreens: 3mm x 10mm Diameter Top Plate

  1. Match the style of Top Plate to the type of tray you are seeding.
  2. Use the Kwik Klik Seed Chart to determine which Top Plate to choose for your seeds.


  • 1.5mm plates will give you less seed per hole at a given diameter
  • Smaller hole diameters are used for singulating seeds- most pelleted seed requires a 5mm diameter hole 
  • Larger hole diameters are needed for larger seed
  • Larger hole diameters can be used for placing multiple seeds in one location 

Kwik Klik™️ Top Plates are available for a wide variety of seed trays – 72-Cell, 128-Cell, 200-Cell, Paperpot, Winstrip, and more.

Plates come in three thicknesses – 1.5mm, 3mm, and 6mm – to allow you to control the amount of seed you drop into each cell.

A wide variety of hole diameters are available for each plate thickness, allowing you to drop one or many seeds into each cell.

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